Starlight 4 in 1 Headlamp

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Naturehike Africa's Starlight 4 in 1 Headlamp is designed to be used in a variety of ways. It can hang from a hook to form a lamp, used mounted on the included tripod, clipped to a backpack or any other suitable object or just as a traditional headlamp. 

Tech Specs

Dimensions 760 × 430 × 520mm
Weight 101g
Mode Floodlight Spotlight Spotlight & Floodlight
Max Output 140lm 220lm 360lm
Max Range

200m -
Max Battery Life 7.5h 5h 3.6h
Light Modes Spot / flood / spot & flood / SOS
Features USB rechargeable, adjustable from 0° - 90°, intelligent dimming function
Batteries 2700mAh