Mad Cow Milk Frother (100g)

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It's hard to go back to regular coffee after a frothy cappuccino. A great lightweight accessory for your next flyaway.

The Mad Cow Milk Frother has a coiled, spring-like mechanism that spins at a high speed, whipping air into the milk. 

While most milk can be frothed, the best results have been found with long-life milk, which holds the froth for longer, both hot and cold. However, fresh milk can be frothed, but the results are better when this too is heated first, as it holds the froth for longer than cold milk.


Care Instructions

Clean the Aerolatte frother before first use.

  • Operating the frother in hot soapy water and then rinsing it will thoroughly clean the stainless steel whisk and shaft.
  • Switch on for a few seconds to dry.
  • Do not try and pull the rod from the handle as it is firmly attached to the motor.
  • Wipe the handle occasionally with a damp cloth, but do not immerse the handle in water or put the unit in the dishwasher.