Evektor SportStar Max

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The SportStar MAX is an easy to fly aircraft with outstanding control harmonies, sensitive to the pilot´s commands at both high and low speeds and with uncompromising stability during flight.

The SportStar MAX is manufactured with an identical airframe to the SportStar RTC. The only difference is in the approved equipment and paperwork (RTC is EASA certified whereas the MAX is EASA non-certified aircraft).

Engine: Rotax 912ULS100 hp
Never exceed speed: 146 kts (270 km/h)
Maximum level speed: 115 kts (213 km/h)
Cruising speed (75% of MCP): 92 kts (171 km/h)
Stalling speed: 42 kts (78 km/h)
Rate of climb: 876 fpm (4.5 m/s)
Service ceiling: 15 500 ft (4720 m)
Take-off run (concrete RWY): 420 ft (128 m)
Take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle (concrete RWY): 1 200 ft (365 m)
Landing run (concrete RWY): 555 ft (169 m)
Range: 700 nm (1 300 km)

Empty weight: 331 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 600 kg
Maximum baggage: 25 kg
Design load factors: +6 / -3g
Operation load factors: +4 / -2g

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